Women's Roller Derby, 12x12, Acrylic/MixedMedia on Canvas, $300


A Fleeting Moment, 22x30, $1200.

Not A Day Without A Line,  24x24,  $1,100

Prom Night, 22x30,  $1200

Dance Macabre, 22x30,  $1,200.

In the Dark of the Night, 22x15, $700.

Too Late To Stop Now,  17x23,  Acrylic/MixedMedia on Paper, $900

 It Always Matters, 16x20, Acrylic/MixedMedia on Canvas, $700

Torn Between Two Lovers, Acrylic/MixedMedia on Paper, 11x14, $400

My Cup Runneth Over, Acrylic on Canvas,

12x12, $300

It's Never Easy, Acrylic Mixed on Canvas, 16x20, $700